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Guided work with psilocybin mushrooms

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A 6-day healing retreat outside of Mexico City that includes 3 psilocybin sessions. The all-inclusive trip (except flight) is led by highly trained guides

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A transformative trip

We're here to support your deep work

Deep guided journeys

An opportunity to fully explore your


Safe & secure setting

An insulated retreat with expert trip-sitting guides

Expert integration

In-depth sessions, group and solo, after your trip

Retreat FAQ

1. I’ve never done any psychedelic substance before. Can I still come? 

Absolutely. We welcome both first-timers and experienced explorers.


2. I take antidepressant medication. Do I have to taper off my meds to attend?

Not necessarily. We welcome individuals who are on psychiatric medication, though we do ask that you consult a healthcare provider prior to attending this retreat to double-check the safety. One option is to schedule an appointment with an Dr. Erica's practice prior to proceeding.

3. I’ve never been to Mexico before. Is it safe?

Foreigners sometimes fear Mexico. It may be wise to avoid certain parts of the country, the places that tourists venture within Mexico City and the retreat location are safe. The news about violent crime in Mexico is typically from border towns. We will be in Central Mexico: very far from the border.

4. Can my spouse, sweetheart, sibling, or friend come on the retreat with me?

If you choose to attend this retreat with loved ones, we will respect that choice and welcome you all. We will assign you separate bedrooms, however, and require that you not facilitate for one another. We also request that any interpersonal challenges or breakthroughs be shared with the circle so as to avoid “bubbles” or “cliques” from forming. Only participants who are taking the medicine are welcome on the premises during the retreat. Non-participants are welcome to drop you off and pick you up from the retreat, and may join the group for dinner on Saturday night in Mexico City, but are otherwise not permitted on the retreat premises.

5. How many people will be on the retreat? How many staff?

We limit the group size to ensure potency and individualized care: our maximum capacity is 15 guests per retreat. We aim to have at least 1 staff member per 2 guests.


6. Why come to Mexico versus Oregon or Colorado?

Licensed service centers are subject to heavy licensing fees and taxes, which can increase the cost to customers. The Oregon Health Authority has also placed certain limitations on how psilocybin can be used in licensed sessions. For example, they set a maximum on the number of milligrams of the medicine that a client can take in a session, and it is forbidden for a facilitator to place their hand on a client’s back. Doing this work abroad allows us to customize the experience to each participant’s needs, with less red tape. It also allows us to weave in the medicine of the local culture.

7. Similar retreats cost much more than this one. What’s the catch?


The cost-effective structure of Psoirée’s retreats is made possible by a few factors. Our overheads are lower by avoiding bureaucratic red tape. Furthermore, this is not a luxury retreat. The facilities are clean but rustic, and the food is fresh, though simple. The retreat is also in part subsidized by donations. Members of the staff may also include a small number facilitators who are foregoing their usual fees in exchange for mentorship and for more experience in running groups.


8. Who should NOT attend this retreat?

There are some folks who we are not set up to support at this time. They include: 

  • Individuals who are particularly dysregulated, frightened and/or in need of more gradual, one-on-one support;

  • Individuals who need a lot of special exceptions or a highly controlled environment;

  • Individuals who are unable to stop using substances like alcohol, cannabis, opiates, etc. for at least one week before the retreat begins and for the whole duration of the retreat;

  • Those who need a very particular, strict diet (e.g., dedicated gluten-free kitchen, low FODMAPs, low histamine diets);

  • Those who recently discontinued a psychiatric medication abruptly and have not fully stabilized;

  • Those with entitled, preachy, or otherwise “high maintenance” personalities who are unwilling to examine this defense mechanism;

  • Those with medical contraindications to taking psychedelics.


9. Can I get a discount? Do you offer payment plans?
We are not able to offer any discounts, sliding scale positions, or payment plans. Depending on how many donations we receive, however, we may have some scholarship opportunities available.


10. What does it include?
A 6-day retreat with 3 psilocybin sessions, all food lodging, and transportation via our shuttle service to and from the airport. It's all-inclusive except for the flight: 


  • Up to 3 supported psilocybin experiences 

  • Daily activities including yoga, mindful movement, music, and meditation 

  • Temazcal ceremony (traditional Mexican sweat lodge) 

  • Group integration and sharing, drawing from several modalities: 

  • Non-directive group integration 

  • Shadow work drama therapy integration 

  • Art therapy based integration 

  • Massage (one included; more by availability and for an additional fee) 

  • Group virtual meeting(s) post-retreat for continued integration support.

Free bonus benefits

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A 7-part streaming course (8 CME credits hours) on the tactics for psychedelic guides


Meet like-minded people in our private Slack. Ask questions and connect with peers

Mushrooms & music

An 8-page guide for building your custom playlist and a breakdown of the 4-stages of the trip

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Ace the solo trip. A 3-part streaming course on tripping alone with high-doses

Psilo Psolo guide

A 15-page pdf for solo trips. Includes detailed guidance and the #1 tip for a safe journey

Growing & sourcing

We'll connect you with our trusted confidantes to help source, plus tips for growing your own

Time for transformation

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A life-changing retreat filled with learning, bonding, and growth

— Ryan S.

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In one unforgettable week I was  guided towards profound healing

— Dr. Kelly Prill

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Life-changing. I healed 30-year wounds in a safe space

— Dr. Kara S.

Itinerary and dates



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Time to start feeling aligned. Start your journey

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