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High-dose How-to

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Master the big trip

Access three 1-hour live classes to learn the art of the solo journey

Prep for liftoff

Learn to mentally and physically prepare

The day-of

Tactics to travel safely & neutralize challenges


Learn a simple approach for your return to 3D reality

If you're


Hungry for purpose

Ready to optimize the mind

Then you came to the right place

A private 3-part course for expanding consciousness on your terms


3 live sessions

Three live video classes for learning and connecting

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Sesson 3: Integration
Session 2: Day-of

A deep dive into high-dose exploration; help with dose and sourcing

Start exploring

The 3-part 

High-dose How-to


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Raymond Christian

The "How-to" course is led by the founder of Psoirée & the Psy Diaries podcast. Ray was the senior author on a peer-reviewed scientific paper, built & sold an iPhone app, and founded a vision-AI neural network model for mental health diagnostics. He has been featured in Mashable, Sirius XM, PC Mag, Huffington Post, and has spoken at numerous events such as Exponential Medicine, Health 2.0, and “Innovation at the A.P.A.” Ray has been working with psychedelics since 2015 and is passionate about their impact on creativity, cognition, and purpose. 

An aligned mind

Take the course & join Psoirée: community for the bold


Deep introspection

+ a support network = mental fortitude


Private dialogue with travelers that "get it"


Tools & skills to explore consciousness on

your terms

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If you're exploring consciousness this is a delightfully unique space

— Candace, Boulder

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I've learned there are other people like me who have been blessed by these medicines

— Andrew, Los Angeles

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Psoirée helps me unpack the journeys and integrate into my life

— Lena, Los Angeles

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Deep work, demystified

Want something done right?Do it yourself


Elevate your consciousness

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