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The High-dose How-to

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Master the big trip

Access three 1-hour guided sessions to learn the art of the solo journey

Prep for liftoff

Learn to mentally and physically prepare

The day-of

Tactics to travel safely & neutralize challenges


Learn a simple approach for your return to 3D reality

If you're


Hungry for purpose

Ready to optimize the mind

Then you came to the right place

A private 3-part course for expanding consciousness on your terms


Psilo Psolo pdf

All attendees receive a 15 page harm reduction takehome guide

The Psilo Psolo guide
Perspective on deep work
Specific guidance for solo work

A step-by-step checklist including: the top 3 tactics for tough trips, and the #1 tip for a satisfying journey

3 live sessions

Meet in private 3D worlds designed for learning and networking

Chat in groups that mimic in-person
The Dojo homebase
Move around the Dojo

Meet the experts, find a wingman, dialogue without stigma

Bonus perks

Exclusive benefits for Psoirée members

Group chats that mimic in-person socializing
Read member breakdowns from their deep journeys
Talk psy trips without stigma

Unlimited access to the "Dojo," the Psoirée Slack, and the
“Trip Notes” newsletter

Start exploring

The 3-part

🍄 High-dose

How-to course


🍄 Course

& quarterly membership

$111 then $7 / month

30% off

🍄 Course

& annual membership

$111 then $6 / month

40% off

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If you're exploring consciousness this is a delightfully unique space

— Candace, Boulder

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I've learned there are other people like me who have been blessed by these medicines

— Andrew, Los Angeles

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Psoirée helps me unpack the journeys and integrate into my life

— Lena, Los Angeles

A mind that's aligned


Deep introspection

+ a support network = mental fortitude


Private dialogue with travelers that "get it"


Tools & skills to explore consciousness on

your terms

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Deep work, demystified

Want something done right?Do it yourself


100% refund

If you’re unhappy we’ll refund your purchase

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