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Free guide

Tap the image below to view your free PDF on solo trips

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Free course

Tap the image below to view a free session with Dr. Erica

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High-dose How-to

Ace the solo trip. A 3-part streaming course, hosted by Raymond Christian, on tripping alone with high doses

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Bonus gifts

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Growing & sourcing support

We'll connect you with our trusted mushroom sources, plus tips for growing your own

Mushrooms & music

An 8-page guide for building your custom playlist and a breakdown of the 4 stages of the trip


Meet like-minded people in our private Slack. Ask questions and connect with peers

Psy Science

A 11-part streaming course with Dr. Erica on tactics for psychedelic guides

1 Psychedelic Facilitation 101-min.png
2 How Psychedelics Work
3 Microdosing Psilocybin & LSD
4 The Ketamine Cure
5 Healing Trauma & Tension With MDMA
6 Treating Addiction With Psychedelics
7 The Medicine Beyond Music Meditation Experiential
Tripping 101
Harm Reduction - Why it Matters
Trip Sitting Basics

Private coaching

Get the 14-week 1-on-1 coaching program covering microdosing & high-dose work

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