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Psy Science Videos

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Module 1: The Compounds

How Psychedelics Work
The Ketamine Cure
Microdosing Psilocybin & LSD
Healing Trauma & Tension With MDMA
Tripping 101
Psychedelic Facilitation 101
Treating Addiction With Psychedelics

Examine microdosing LSD and psilocybin. Analyze real case studies, dosage protocols, and existing research findings. Learn about the mechanisms of microdosing, safety considerations, and potential drug interactions.

A high level overview of important considerations as you approach a trip, including ideal settings, suggested materials for research beforehand. It also includes discussion on dosage, drug interactions, and "flight instructions."

Dive into the pharmacology of classic psychedelics, like psilocybin and LSD. Understand their effects on brain function, the default mode network, and brain entropy. Discover the connection between mystical experiences, spirituality, and healing.

Learn about ketamine's history, its action against depression, and compare it with SSRIs. Explore various administration methods, from microdoses to psychedelic doses, and understand its potential in treating mood disorders through real patient cases.

Discover MDMA's history and its synergy with psychotherapy. Review its effectiveness in treating PTSD, social anxiety, and mood disorders, supported by study results and video clips from therapy sessions. 

A deeper dive into trip sitting, including setting, handling common situations, and minimizing risks of a bad trip. Learn about creating healing spaces, applying psychotherapy models like IFS, mastering integration work ,and dosage guidelines.

Module 2: Navigating the Trip

Trip Sitting: The Basics
Integration: After the Trip

This warm-up class on trip-sitting covers the importance of supporting vs leading. Learn how to provide a safe space and embrace the potentially difficult emotions that may surface. Physical touch, burnout, and compassion fatigue are also covered.

This class covers psychedelic integration and why it’s important. Learn what issues may surface, support resources, and integration tools. The class also covers examples of long term outcomes and important considerations for both the traveler and the trip-sitter.

Module 3: Real World Applications

Harm Reduction - Why it Matters

Explore how psychedelics address traumas underlying addiction. Review treatments for alcoholism, smoking, and substance abuse, with a focus on ayahuasca and ibogaine. Learn safety protocols, risks, and basic troubleshooting tips for psychedelic use.

A crash course on psychedelic harm reduction, how to prepare for the most meaningful psychedelic experience possible, and how to troubleshoot when things don’t go as planned. An overview that's applicable for recreational, ceremonial, or clinical settings. 

The Medicine Beyond Music Meditation Experiential

Experience the holistic elements of psychedelic sessions in this interactive module. Set intentions, immerse in music, and reflect with journaling prompts. Requires a journal, pen, quiet setting, eye mask, and headphones for a 30-minute journey.

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Private coaching

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