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Resources, retreats, and rediscovery

Master the mushroom trip

Psychedelics are transformative, but also intimidating. Empower yourself with training & access

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You're in the right place if

You’re just starting out with microdosing

You’re transitioning to bigger doses

You’re making sense of profound trips

Featured products

Streaming course: Psy Science with Dr. Erica

A 7-part streaming course (8 CE credits hours) on the tactics for psychedelic guides

Streaming course: High-dose How-to by Psoirée

Ace the solo trip. A 3-part streaming course on tripping alone with high-doses


Choose from our curated list of retreat partners with expert guides in idyllic settings

Bonus gifts

Purchase any of our products and receive extra benefits

Growing & sourcing support

We'll connect you with our trusted confidantes to help source, plus tips for growing your own


Meet like-minded people in our private Slack. Ask questions and connect with peers

Mushrooms & music

An 8-page guide for building your custom playlist and a breakdown of the 4-stages of the trip

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A 15-page PDF for solo trips. Includes detailed guidance and the #1 tip for a safe journey

What our customers say

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Elyse, Denver

"Psy Science" inspired me so deeply I decided to make an entire career shift

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Noella, LA

I couldn’t be happier with Psoirée. It had a phenomenal impact on my trip's outcome

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Bonnie, Bozeman

Finding a trip-sitter isn't always practical. If you're ready to go solo, check out the How-to


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Get the free PDF

Get the 15-page high-dose solo guide

The Psilo Psolo guide is a free 15-page PDF on safe, solo tripping

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Instructors you can trust

Dr. Erica Zelfand

Dr. Erica Zelfand. Imagine a brilliant physician who couldn’t shake the idea that, despite the illegality, there was something profoundly important about psychedelics.

So, this meticulous doctor immersed herself in the scientific literature. Dissatisfied with only intellectual knowledge, this physician decided to start experimenting on herself, like a 1940’s scientist.


Then, despite knowing it would place a target on her back and threaten her medical license, she decided to make some noise. She compiled everything she learned and emerged from the psychedelic closet.


This bold physician resolved to merge the science with the spiritual… and share. That’s exactly what Dr. Erica did and Psy Science is her magnum opus. Unlock the secrets from her 7-part course.

Ray Christian

Ray Christian was a former CPA grinding along the corporate ladder, and feeling stuck.


Something felt off, and then he stumbled into mushrooms. He began engaging with intentional high-dose sessions once a month, and everything changed.


His health and relationships improved, he launched a tech company, built and sold a mental health app for teens, senior authored a peer-reviewed scientific paper, and built an AI therapist.


He credits solo work with mushrooms for the growth.


Inspired to share, Ray founded Psoirée, launched the Psy Diaries podcast, and built a course for empowering others to explore their consciousness with confidence and purpose.


Learn hard-earned lessons from 100 trips with the High-dose How-to.

Calm & aligned

Psychedelics are powerful for mental health, spirituality, & personal growth. What would you do with a mind that's aligned?

Empower yourself

  • Choose from our curated retreat partners with expert guides

  • Access the 3-part High-dose How-to

  • Support with growing and sourcing

  • Connect with like-minded individuals

  • Psilo Psolo PDF & the Mushrooms & music PDF

Time to feel aligned. Get started today:

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