Psilo Psoirée

A support network for solo, high-dose explorers

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Connect before and

after your journey

Private group calls discussing
all things mushroom

Prep for liftoff

Join the prep call right before your journey

Ace the landing

Chat with fellow travelers upon

your return

DIY mushroom lessons and integration

Mushroom grow tips

If you're


Hungry for purpose

Ready to optimize the mind

Then you came to the right place

A private community of explorers expanding consciousness
on their terms

Start exploring


Get the Psilo Psolo guide

  • A step-by-step checklist for solo high-dose work (PDF)

  • 3 tactics for mid-journey challenges

  • The #1 tip for a satisfying trip

Dialogue Dojo

  • Access custom Psoirée "worlds" (no gear required)

  • Journey together remotely; chat 🍄 cultivation

  • Integration: talk privately about shaking dissatisfaction, navigating a spiritual awakening, and finding purpose

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Additional membership perks

  • Join the Psoirée Slack

  • Get the “Trip Notes” newsletter

  • Access semi-monthly Psoirée calls

Test the water

$1.99 / week

Join the Psoirée

$4.99 / month

Go all-in

$48 / year

20% off

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If you're exploring consciousness this is a delightfully unique space

— Candace, Boulder

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I have been craving

these types of conversations

— Bobbie, Vancouver

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The Psoiree helps me sort out thoughts and feelings from my trips

— Shawn, Calgary

Membership benefits


Get real-time advice for liftoff and landing


Dialogue with other travelers that understand


DIY mushroom growing tips and group discussions

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Our M.O.

We believe in full psilo access. We support harm reduction for intentional use


200% refund

If you’re unhappy with the
Psoirée we’ll refund your purchase 2x