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Guided work
with psychedelics

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Curated retreats

We've partnered with the best. Choose the experience that's right for you

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A transformative trip

We're here to support your deep work

Deep guided journeys

An opportunity to fully explore your


Safe & secure setting

Insulated retreats with expert trip-sitting guides

Expert integration

In-depth sessions, group and solo, after your trip

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Featured retreat:
Mexico City, Oct 16–20

Join us for an all-inclusive* 5-night retreat nestled just outside Mexico City, complete with up to 3 full mushroom trips.

*While you'll need to book your flight to Mexico City, we've got everything else covered: airport shuttle, food, lodging, trained guides, and of course the medicine

Retreat FAQ

1. Do I need previous experience?

No. All of our retreat partners are equipped for both first-timers and those with extensive experience

2. Why should I book through Psoirée?

We match the pricing offered by our partners, and we give you extra goodies, including the "High-dose How-to" masterclass, support with sourcing, community access, and more 

3. I'm on antidepressants, is that ok?

Yes, we're accustomed to working with individuals that are currently on SSRI's. However this may not be right for individuals with BPD or schizophrenia and, although rare, we reserve the right to cancel if the fit is not ideal

4. How did you choose which retreats to partner with?

After 8 years of personal work and exploring many partners across the industry, we have vetted the best retreats. We specifically looked for compassionate leaders and guides that have both

  1. Extensive training, and

  2. Sustained first-hand experience with high-dose psychedelics

5. Which retreat is right for me?

It depends... we have retreats all over the world, offering 1:1 treatments and group retreats. Choose the option that suits your needs, budget, and desire for travel

6. Will Ray be there?

Yes, on occasion Psoirée's founder is in attendance

7. What about accommodations?

The flight is your responsibility, but depending on the retreat partner, some offerings are all-inclusive (food, lodging, shuttle service).


Free bonus benefits

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Ace the solo trip. A 3-part streaming course on tripping alone with high doses


Meet like-minded people in our private Slack. Ask questions and connect with peers

Mushrooms & music

An 8-page guide for building your custom playlist and a breakdown of the 4 stages of the trip

Psilo Psolo guide

A 15-page pdf for solo trips. Includes detailed guidance and the #1 tip for a safe journey

Growing & sourcing

We'll connect you with our trusted mushroom sources, plus tips for growing your own

Time for transformation

Learn more

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