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for the bold

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Many of us are dissatisfied, hungry for purpose, and ready to optimize our mind. We are a private community of explorers expanding consciousness and sharing our journey

Community benefits

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Meet like-minded people in our private Slack. Ask questions and connect with peers


Psoirée Social

A video call to discuss new topics each month like microdosing, growing, and sourcing

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Psilo Psolo guide

A 15-page pdf for solo trips. Includes detailed guidance and the #1 tip for a safe journey

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Help with sourcing

We'll connect you with our trusted confidantes to help source, plus tips for growing your own

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Peace of mind

We're here to support your deep work

Prep for liftoff

Plan your journey

alongside fellow explorers

Ace the landing

Chat with other travelers upon

your return

Growing & sourcing

DIY grow tips and

help with trusted sources

Connect with fellow explorers

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If you're exploring consciousness this is a delightfully unique space

— Candace, Boulder

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I've learned there are other people like me who have been blessed by these medicines

— Andrew, Los Angeles

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Psoirée helps me unpack the journeys and integrate into my life

— Lena, Los Angeles

A mind that's aligned


Deep introspection

+ a support network = mental fortitude


Private dialogue with travelers that "get it"


Tools & skills to explore consciousness on

your terms



Time to start feeling aligned. Meet other people on

the same journey

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