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#029 Robbie Bent: altered states without the "woo-woo"

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Robbie Bent — CEO of Othership — about a trojan horse for altered states, re-scripting thought patterns, plus a custom trip protocol (ketamine + psilocybin + a 3 hour massage).




— NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Missouri, Pennsylvania and Texas looking to legalize psychedelics; What's the 'critical mass' for global enlightenment? (0:37)

— Robbie's key takeaways from entrepreneurship (2:30)

— Why is it so hard to get people to try introspective journeys through psychedelics and meditation? (6:12)

— What's a hard-earned lesson from the past year of Othership, and what's a current challenge? (11:42)

— Ray and Robbie share profound transcendent experiences they've had (16:20)

— Othership's roadmap, and what if psychedelics follow the commercial legalization path of cannabis? (17:46)

SOUL SEARCH: What is the one year in his life you would go back to relive... (25:29)

Robbie Bent

Robbie created a platform that incorporates physical places, a smartphone app, a concert tour, and a worldwide community in order to influence good change and address the problem of loneliness and the negative consequences it has on our individual and communal health.

Othership is a digital product that allows you to change your state at any time and from anywhere. Robbie's app has over 250 guided breathwork lessons to help you harness the power of your breath and form healthy habits. Up-regulating, down-regulating, and everything in between is made simple, effective, and enjoyable with this transforming tool. He also does live musical breathwork shows on tour.

Find Robbie here:


Watch the episode now:


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