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#030 Zappy Zapolin: we have a right to our minds

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Zappy Zapolin — Chief Visionary Officer of Psycheceutical — about shaking the sense of dissatisfaction, novel ketamine delivery, and witnessing atomic vibrations.




— NUGGET AND A NOODLE: The DEA announce the prohibition of research on 5 new psychedelic compounds; How do we find the sweet spot between the extremes of psychedelic over-medicalization and excess of woo-woo? (0:33)

— Zappy compares the psychedelic climate now vs 2015, when he was filming his documentary The Reality of the Truth? (2:24)

— Looking back at the last 12 months at Psycheceuticals and KetaMD, what's one hard-earned lesson and one current challenge? (4:47)

— Zappy shares his journey with psychedelics, and what he learned after using them to find a new path in his life. (12:10)

— What is one mystical experience that still resonates with him? (18:11)

— What does a future world with widely legal psychedelic use look like for Zappy? (20:33)

SOUL SEARCH: Who is one person, dead or alive, you'd like to trip with... (25:05)

Zappy Zapolin

Zappy Zapolin is a well-known futurist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and award-winning filmmaker who is dedicated to the expansion of human consciousness. Zappy believes his life mission is to right the wrong of psychedelic prohibition, which began the day after he was born. He founded the Mind Army social movement, which is fighting for legalization of psychedelics via an Executive Order.

Always on the cutting edge of trends, Zappy leads the vision behind this intersection of psychedelic compounds and pharmaceutical medicines at Psycheceutical, Inc. using patented, cutting-edge delivery technologies to provide safe and effective bioavailable psychedelic pharmaceutical medicines.

Zappy also co-founded KetaMD, a telemedicine platform that provides affordable and life-changing at-home medical ketamine treatments, and The Ketamine Fund, which has already provided more than 500 free ketamine treatments to veterans suffering from PTSD or those having suicidal ideations.

Find Zappy here:


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