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#032 Jenalle Dion: when psychedelics shift your life

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Jenalle Dion — Founder of Wakeful Journal and Director of Content at Third Wave — about custom journey journals, multiverse jumping, and when it's just flat-out easier to savor the moment.




— NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Oregon decriminalization law has already led to a 60% reduction in arrests; Wave function collapse and the multiverse (0:34)

— What has taken Jenny down the path of creating the Wakeful Journal? (2:25)

— What Jenny finds so compelling about the psychedelic industry? (5:36)

— Looking back at the last 12 months at Wakeful and Third Wave, what is one hard earned lesson? (8:26)

— What has been Jenny's journey with psychedelics? (12:05)

— Ray and Jenny share profound mystical experiences (19:10)

— SOUL SEARCH: What does the world look like after 10 years of widespread legalization and intentional psychedelic usage... (25:18)

Jenalle Dion

Jenalle Dion is a passionate psychedelic advocate, MAPS Canada volunteer, content creator and community builder.

Her organization, Wakeful Travel, is the ceremony companion company, creating integration and microdosing journals for psychedelic seekers, brands, retreat centers, clinics, and conferences.

She’s also Head of Content for the world's largest psychedelic education platform, Third Wave. You can pre-order a journal through her site:, or see what she's up to on social media.

Find Jenny here:

email for co-branded, white-labelled, and custom journal packages for your brand


Watch the episode now:


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