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#034 Daniel Carcillo: alive because of psychedelics

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Daniel Carcillo — CEO of Wesana Health and 2x Stanley Cup winner — about psychedelics healing traumatic brain injury, the highest operating version of yourself, and unconditional love.




00:33 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Oklahoma state house bill 3414 may soon legalize psilocybin-assisted therapy and reduce punishment for consumer possession; excessive talk of sacred rituals around psychedelics

02:48 — What gets Daniel excited about the potential of psychedelics for TBI?

06:03 — How can we prove that psychedelics do improve cognition, creativity and performance?

09:24 — Looking back to the last 12 months at Wesana, what is one hard-earned lesson?

13:38 — How has Daniel's journey with psychedelics been like?

18:06 — Ray and Daniel share mystical experiences that still resonate in them

24:57 — SOUL SEARCH: How has Daniel's NHL experience helped him as a CEO? ...

Daniel Carcillo

Former professional NHL hockey player and two time Stanley Cup Champion turned mental health, concussion/traumatic brain injury, plant medicine and fungi advocate.

He is an experienced speaker on the above topics through lived and personal experience.

Daniel is a farmer and entrepreneur with a fully integrated cannabis and medicinal mushroom business and brand targeting brain and immune health.

Besides Wesana, he's part of the following organizations:

  • Founder of Chapter 5 Foundation, a charitable organization assisting professional athletes with transition to life after the game

  • National advisory board member for Decriminalize Nature

  • Board member of Heroic Hearts project, a nonprofit that connects military veterans struggling with trauma to psychedelic therapy.

Find Daniel here:


Watch the episode now:


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