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#036 Matt Stang: experiences you can't unsee

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Matt Stang — CEO of Delic Corp — about a dramatic change in mental health, lessons from cannabis, and psychedelic conferences.




00:36 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Legal psilocybin therapy in canada; Reevaluating our relationship with alcohol

02:33 — What is there to the psychedelic space that inspires Matt's work?

06:35 — What lessons can we take from cannabis and apply to psychedelics?

14:35 — What does a world 10 years into widespread psychedelic legalization and intentional use looks like?

21:11 — What is Matt's personal journey with psychedelics?

25:03 — Ray and Matt share psychedelic experiences

28:32 — SOUL SEARCH: You get to live the life of any historical figure...

Matt Stang

Matt Stang was an Owner and Operator of High Times for 17 years prior to its sale to a private

equity fund, and during that time he helped legalize Cannabis in multiple states, launched the

Cannabis Cup in America, and helped build the legal cannabis industry.

For almost 20 years he

has met and interacted with all corners within the cannabis community. As one of the most

connected people in the Alternative Drug space he helped found DELIC 4 years ago as the first psychedelic corporation.

His expertise in business includes marketing, branding, business development and product viability.

Find Matt here:


Watch the episode now:


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