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#037 Dr. Erica Zelfand: a mind that's kind and aligned

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Dr. Erica Zelfand — licensed family doctor and founder of Science of Psychedelics — about balancing medicine VS the woo-woo, disrupting our patterns, and the need to retrain the medical community.

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01:56 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Multiple Vancouver storesfronts selling magic mushrooms in Vancouver; "taking the fork" in the road

04:18 — How to prove that psychedelics improve both mental and physical health?

09:41 — How does Dr. Erica see the movement for psilocybin legalization in Oregon?

13:51 — What does a world 5-10 years into widespread psychedelics legalization and intentional use look like?

17:12 — How was Dr. Erica's personal journey with psychedelics?

21:32 — Ray and Dr. Erica share profound psychedelic experiences

27:58 — SOUL SEARCH: Who is one person who's had a tremendous impact in your carreer...?

Dr. Erica Zelfand

Dr. Erica is a licensed family doctor specializing in functional medicine and integrative mental health.

She facilitates therapeutic psycho-spiritual experiences for her patients and regularly lectures on psychedelic science at medical institutions worldwide.

She also trains practitioners online through her CME-accredited course, the Science of Psychedelics, and in person as a lead educator with Inner Trek, one of the first state-approved programs for aspiring psilocybin facilitators.

Dr. Erica loves traveling around the world, hammocks, and high-fives.

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