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#040 Tyler Bryden: ebbs & flows of psychedelic exploration

Psy Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Tyler Bryden — founder of — about signs you're doing too much psychedelics, the joyful & creative moments we deserve, and going into the Joseph Campbell-hero's-journey "void."




01:05 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Field Trip Health splits into two; Manipulating time

03:46 — How does AI converge with psychedelics?

06:53 — Ray and Tyler get deep about AI

11:56 — Tyler tells about his experience with head trauma and psychedelics

15:57 — What is one of the challenges for psychonaut activism in your country?

19:03 — What are the signs of unhealthy psychedelic usage?

23:59 — Ray and Tyler share mystical experiences

30:14 — SOUL SEARCH: Who did you grow up idolizing...

Tyler Bryden

Tyler Bryden, the founder of, Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advocate, Growth Marketer, Hip-Hop Head and Former Hockey player discusses speech, communication, self-improvement, life, current events, marketing, spirituality, mental health, psychedelics, and making a better life.

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