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#048 (Season Finale) Thomas Heath: do we really need permission?

Psy Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Thomas Heath — CEO Fortress Resort — about entering the slipstream of blue light, a new level of mental acuity, and lessons from selling a company.




00:00 — Come up

01:04 — NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Colorado boasts two measures for full-scale legalization; Going beyong science and into mystery

03:00 — What have the mountains taught you?

05:07 — The meaning of outdoor life

06:46 — What patterns does Thomas see in his past?

11:31 — Oh my God, I own a fucking mountain!

12:52 — Ray prepares for the avalanche on LSD; Thomas going public on psychedelics

24:07 — Ray and Thomas share high dose psychedelic experiences

36:09 — SOUL SEARCH: What is your ideal mix of mind-altering substances to chill on a Friday night...?

Thomas Heath

A visionary leader with a keen eye towards emerging trends and novel solutions to vexing issues, Thomas has a diverse business background including civil aviation, energy, intellectual property and ski resort ownership.

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Watch the episode now:


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