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10 things to expect from the psychedelic renaissance

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"

— Albert Einstein

We’re in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance. After decades in the dark ages, there is major progress in legalization, funding, and commercialization. What’s the upshot?

10 predictions for the renaissance:

  1. Drastic improvements in mental health. Imagine if one big gym session per month could keep your body in shape. That’s what psychedelics can do for the mind (when coupled with integration). Which will lead to...

  2. Illumination of the mind-body connection. Those that see major leaps in mental health will also see big improvements in bodily health. Technology that elegantly tracks the mental health of psychedelic users can be mapped against both traditional biomarkers and reduced healthcare costs.

  3. A renaissance in psychotherapy and psychiatry. Psychedelics are catalysts for introspection and these fields thrive when patients are introspective.

  4. Heavy debate on the usage. Those that engage in intentional psychedelic use are unequivocally convinced of the tremendous value. Those that haven’t and accurately point to DEA Schedule 1 are likely to push back as the psychonauts expand their proselytizing. The science will win out and the DEA will likely rescheduled psychedelics by 2024. The question will then become: should it be done strictly within the medical system, through specialized clinics, or can the layman explore intentional use of psychedelics? The answer will be all three (depending on individual needs).

  5. A golden era of creativity, innovation and compassion. If the psychedelics movement navigates the many hurdles ahead, we have a puncher’s chance of replicating the Enlightenment eras of Florence in 15th century AD and Greece in 6th century BC… except this time on a global scale.

  6. An arms race between traditional healthcare organizations, tech companies, and wellness brands. All 3 have a chance to make a major impact. All 3 have distinct competitive advantages and limitations. A marriage of all 3 will be the solution.

  7. A surge in the spiritual but not religious demographic. Psychedelics offer a chance to circumvent traditional religion power structures and enable the user to “connect directly with god.” Perhaps even a new religion with less dogma (and a name that’s not as clunky as “spiritual but not religious”) will emerge.

  8. A rise in non-dualism. The sense and knowledge of our connectedness after psychedelic experiences is profound. The feeling that we’re all deeply connected can be the salve for the wounds of racism and xenophobia. It may also increase effort on climate change initiatives.

  9. A sharp increase in human satisfaction. The experience brings a powerful sense of wonder and gratitude for the little things in life. There is evidence that gratitude is the antidote to dissatisfaction so a more content human race may be forthcoming.

  10. Early adopter states, like Oregon and Colorado, will thrive. The market for treating the mentally ill is large... and yet, the market for healthy individuals is even bigger. Intentional use by healthy individuals also lends itself to continued therapy... which means recurring revenue. Early adopter states will attract investment, talent and significant tax revenue.

Keep an eye on this industry because something special is happening.


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