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1000 investor emails

We believe in open sourcing, and not just with programming code.

We’re sharing a list of 1000 confirmed investor emails (as of 8/1/20) because times are tough, perhaps it’ll help a company access capital, and perhaps it’ll help an investor find a new opportunity.

We emailed the list and A/B tested various scripts, ultimately achieving a 5% hit rate on cold outreach.

The best performing script was simple with no bluster: <Name>, we built an A.I. therapist and will be fundraising once the quarantine eases up. Would you like to know when we start?

See an expanded look at our email tactics here.

If this helps you and you’d like to share appreciation, the most helpful thing for us would be to talk with our A.I. therapist a few times and tell us about your user experience, good or bad.

1000 emails are here... good luck.

If you’re on this list and it plucks your feathers ping me ( and we’ll remove.


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