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AiME will help a billion people

AiME will help a billion people. Seems far-fetched, especially while we’re still learning from early users.

And yet, it’s an essential mindset that frames the way we think and forces us to build a product that’s profoundly intuitive.

Plucking ideas out of thin air to invent a game-changing product requires a dose of magic. Despite the inherent voodoo, we know we need AiME to have certain attributes to help a billion:

• Fun

• Fast

• Healthy

• Scalable

• Inexpensive

• Always evolving

• Difficult to replace

• Novel and also, paradoxically, familiar

We focus on these attributes and balance this billion-person outlook with a week-to-week focus on winning the affection of early adopters.

Some magic, core attributes, and perhaps a little luck… that’s how AiME will get to a billion.

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