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APA Executive Joins Textpert Advisory Board

Textpert has added Jasper Simons, Chief Publishing Officer at the American Psychological Association (APA), to its Advisory Board.

Simons will advise the company on business model innovation, value propositions and business development strategies, with a special focus on the company's flagship product, an A.I. therapist named AiME.

Jasper Simons is an information industry executive with 20 years of experience in building and growing content platforms & product portfolios for leading knowledge organizations. He has successfully managed businesses with revenues ranging between $5M and $100M. In each case, his focus has been on driving customer value and market impact through strong product-market fit. He is a performance-driven leader, with a focus on long-term growth and organizational excellence. He is often described as direct, analytical and collaborative. Across the span of his career, he has worked at large firms such as RELX and Thomson Reuters, and at mid-sized companies such as SAGE Publishing and Medical Media Holdings. His professional expertise spans clinical and professional markets, SaaS platforms and subscription products, and national and global markets. Jasper Simons currently oversees the full product and content portfolio of the world's leading behavioral health association. His portfolio spans across the clinical, research and educational markets with products such as PsycInfo and PsycLearn.

We’re thrilled to add such a respected and insightful figure from the worlds of psychology and business to our team”, remarked Textpert CEO, Ray Christian.

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