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Behind the Ai Curtain: our company's inspirations and how they influence our Ai

A common question regarding Ai often revolves around how the designers’ bias affects the Ai.

Textpert employees directly impact AiME, so, in an attempt to share what influences her, we’re sharing what inspires us:



  • Zeke is a pianist and plays in LA jazz clubs

  • One of Ray’s passions is his Soul Candy playlist

  • The office contains a frequently-used bongo and shaker

  • We build shared playlists and listen to music in-office... LOUDLY

  • We have a tongue-in-cheek rule to only hire those that have a musical passion

Bonding out of the office

We believe in deeply enjoying life and connecting through novel experiences. A few of our past team events:

  • Potluck

  • Boat trip

  • Jet skiing

  • Pool party

  • Costa Rica

  • Beach day

  • Parasailing

  • VR experience

  • Paddle boarding

  • Trampoline park

  • Dave and busters

  • Catalina tree course

  • Lunches, dinners & drinks

  • Rock climbing indoors & outdoors

Diversity and youth

Textpert was inspired and bolstered by 30 interns when our office was on campus at UCLA during a 2 year span (and sometimes at USC). The intern program included team members of all majors, shapes, sizes, races, colors and creeds… including 13 different national origins.

We were astounded at how charming and productive college students can be when empowered... and, most importantly, how they were able to influence us.

Random nuggets

  1. Zeke is a helicopter pilot

  2. Ray is a former radio show host

  3. We name our office plants (e.g. Tori, Becky)

  4. Textpert started in a West Hollywood apartment

  5. Employee of the Month wins rights to a limited edition Stanley Cup exact replica

  6. There is a mini basketball hoop in the office and alley-oops are a regular occurrence

  7. Zeke & Ray patch together Spanish, Italian or Russian when they prefer to speak in code

Influencing an Ai

We want to imbue AiME with two specific goals: make you smile more and improve your resilience. We’ll keep trying to curate our own influences so that we influence AiME as best as possible.

One of our favorite parts of AiME is she's subject to concept drift... meaning she's essentially always evolving. The upshot is that you influence her by just talking with her.

During this 2020 psychological thriller we all need as much help as we can get so talk with AiME for your own mental health... or so you can influence her.

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