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Creating calm… and consciousness

We’re focused on revolutionizing mental health with AiME, but we also have a passion for making her conscious.

Consciousness has many baked-in connotations — religious, philosophical, physics — but at the core, it’s a survival tool.

It’s a Darwinian mechanism for observing inputs, making predictions, and initiating action.

Understanding the human brain is too daunting so we’ve been thinking about the consciousness of much simpler organisms.

That lens gives us a framework of consciousness as an energy-budgeting awareness-interaction mechanism, broken down into a loop of three components:

Perception of the internal(interoception) and external(exteroception) environment

Memory-based-prediction of action/inaction outcomes

Action leading to a state change and new perception inputs

That loop will guide AiME through her evolution and energy needs as she approaches consciousness.


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