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A history of Psy Diaries opinion

SEASON FINALE — Aug 18, 2022

Thank you the viewers

Your support throughout season 1 meant the world... especially the "Nugget and a Noodle" references. my producers

Gio Favretto (and Adedayo Adekunle) did an incredible job making the show look good. the wonderful guests

We were able to get some of the biggest names in the industry and they didn't disappoint. The guests were bold & brilliant, candid & creative... thank you for everything.


This was a labor of love. My goal was to help the psychedelic industry (which I think we did) and connect with psychedelic leaders (definitely did).

I'm off to Medellin for an extended break followed by a digital nomad stint. Hopefully there'll be more Nuggets & Noodles in the future.

Speaking of which, one more for the road:

NUGGET: California dreaming

The California psychedelic decriminalization bill was neutered. SB-519, promoted by state Senator Scott Weiner, has been "gutted" of all its important decriminalization components.

NOODLE: MDMA as training-wheels for psilocybin trips

The first few big trips on magic mushrooms can be tough for a couple reasons:

(1) You’re getting familiar with a novel subjective experience

(2) You may have to clean out your closet

A small dose of MDMA alongside may be the solution, and there appears to be a growing trend with underground guides.

I’m hearing of trip sitters adding MDMA to de-risk the first few potentially tough psilocybin trips.

I’ve personally seen what the experience is like: the psilocybin incited its usual introspection, but the MDMA added a pleasant filter to the thoughts and physical sensations.

That filter may make MDMA the ideal “training wheels” for the budding explorer.


July 28, 2022

NUGGET: DEA staying busy

The DEA is being sued for "right to try" access again, and they just backed off their controversial plans to reschedule 5 DMT analogues.

NOODLE: If you can't commit to 5 large trips, don't bother with 1

It’s a process not an event.

Doing it once and expecting a panacea is like going to the gym for one massive workout and expecting to get shredded.

Thankfully, you don’t need to engage psychedelics 2-3x a week. But multiple trips are needed for real change.

Additionally, the first trip can unlock things that REQUIRE more work.

That 1st trip can be the equivalent of spreading Ajax on your bathtub.

It will go to work and loosen up some of the gunk… but you still need to scrub & rinse with water to get squeaky clean.

The follow-up trips are that "scrub & rinse."

I'm still learning on my deep journeys and it feels like the trips feed off each other... like compounding interest.

It's a process of rediscovering yourself, your purpose, and a sense of joy.

So how do we build an elegant structure for numerous trips over the course of months and years?

Something to noodle on...


July 21, 2022

Nugget and a Noodle Special Edition: Trip Notes

Psoirée members often share notes and takeaways from deep trips. The trip notes newsletter is typically members-only, but this special edition is going to all subscribers.

Lena Y.

14 grams — solo

"I see the true nature of psilocybin now. It's not all fuzzy, comfy love and acceptance. It has a cunning, insidious side to it. The image keeps coming up - a snake eating its tail: life and death, euphoria and madness, good and evil"

Read more about Lena's journey here.

Would you like to share your notes, or hear more from other travelers? Join Psoirée here

Ray C.

9 grams — solo

"A sense that a higher dimension being was walking me through a museum tour of my accomplishments over the recent years. A sensation of acknowledgement and recognition for the work, sacrifices, and thoughtful decisions. This was meaningful at a level that’s difficult to describe”

Read more about Ray's journey here.

Andrew W.

3.5 grams — solo

"This process would go on for several hours until I finally experienced my 'eureka' moment. Nearing the end of my 5 hour journey - the Mushroom spoke to me: 'don’t be lazy with your awa