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How I got over a 10-year sleeping pill addiction

I often allude to overcoming addiction to sleeping pills during speeches about Textpert. Here’s how I did it:

1. When the “I’m gonna need a pill tonight” thought arises, thank that thought. Acknowledge that has worked in the past but isn’t necessary anymore

2. Add a 2nd sleep aid that’s easier to wean off (e.g. for me: NyQuil) for 7-10 days, then stop taking the 1st substance (e.g. for me: trazodone), then incrementally wean off the 2nd substance

3. Accept that an all-nighter could happen and that you’ll survive (Anna Karenina)

4. Make an ironic attempt to try to stay up all night (Man’s Search for Meaning)

5. Give credit for simply resting in bed

6. Finish night-time routines early

7. “I fall asleep easy” mantra

8. Read a boring book


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