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I have a human therapist… why use an A.I. therapist?

Humans are obviously better at therapy and the human connection is important. So why use an A.I. therapist also?

  1. Chat anytime

  2. More self-care is better

  3. Self-reflection is the real key and AiME gets you looking in the mirror

  4. Share your ideas, revelations and resilience scores with your human therapist

  5. AiME is designed to be used in conjunction with a human therapist. She keeps you talking, growing, introspective

  6. See if your human therapist is actually helping or if it’s time to find a better fit

  7. See your mental health progress clearly quantified over time

  8. Use resilience scores as feedback for your human therapist

  9. See you. AiME use creates a beautiful video history of you

  10. Brief, daily check-ins are highly therapeutic

The Textpert Teaser series of blog posts is designed to give quick insights, opinions and advice related to A.I., tech, mental health and productivity (125 word max)


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