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Introduction to the Textpert Team: Nastya

One of the goals behind the Textpert Teasers is to help you understand the team behind AiME.

Hence, this week we will start with our newest hire, Nastya, who works as a data scientist.

What do you do at Textpert?

My main role is to extract information from large amounts of data (i.e. through machine learning) to help inform better decisions about AiME. Recently, I have also been assisting with front-end coding.

What is your favorite part about working here?

The people. It’s so exciting to come in everyday and be surrounded by individuals who are so kind, humble, and intelligent.

Random Facts:

Nicknames: Russian Rascal, Nasty Nas

Hobbies: Power-lifting, creating playlists, backpacking

Education: B.S. in Environmental Health at USC


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