Is our covid reaction a botch for the ages?

Covid is either very deadly (~5% mortality) or very close to the flu’s 0.01% death rate (because of a major underestimation of cases). Nobody can say for sure.

Should we have started with mandatory mask-usage with no quarantine... or quarantined only high-risk individuals without inciting an epic recession? How did we get here?

World War 1 started because of a convoluted combination of imperialism, pride, nationalism, and Archduke Ferdinand’s assassination. A WW1-esque confluence of factors has led us here:

  1. Healthcare system that was already on the brink (doctors had highest 2019 suicide rate of any profession)

  2. The dopamine release from virtue-signaling

  3. The media: the worse and longer the story is, the more news outlets benefit

  4. An arms race of cautionary measures

  5. A bozo president

  6. Attention and power: e.g. you never heard of Fauci before this

  7. The "goal post" getting moved each week (initial warnings then big events shuttered>restaurants shuttered>social distancing>full quarantine orders>mandatory masks)

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