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LSD + magic mushrooms = ?

Psoirée "Trip notes" teaser: Ray C.

Dosage = 1.5g of mushrooms + 150μg of LSD.


  1. The compounds blended beautifully. The mushrooms calmed the LSD, while the LSD helped reduce the resistance to go deep

  2. “Meaning” behaves like quantum physics. What was previously meaningless can suddenly have tremendous meaning

  3. Got a glimpse at the physics of Source

“You’re doing a good job”

I tried (unsuccessfully) to time the 2 so they’d hit at the same time.

LSD usually takes an hour and mushrooms 30 minutes so I took the LSD and figured I’d wait 30 minutes.

Thinking I had plenty of time, and wanting to get endorphins flowing, I went downstairs for a brief workout.

The workout (power cleans) may have sped up my metabolism because I started feeling the effects after 15 minutes.

I still needed to get home, consume the mushrooms with food, take a hit of cannabis, and set an intention. Meanwhile, the onset pace of the LSD was increasing and it started feeling like a race against time.

My hands were starting to shake.

I opened a dark chocolate bar to mask the flavor and it was older than I thought. It had crumbled and when I opened it, chocolate bits exploded everywhere.

The LSD was hitting more and more every moment… and now I have clean-up work to do.

I grabbed a handful of chocolate & mushrooms then started cleaning up the mess. It was not easy with reality starting to bend and hands shaking… so I started encouraging myself out loud by repeating the phrase “you’re doing a good job… you’re doing a good job.”

One final step left: packing and taking one bowl hit of cannabis.

I finally completed all the steps and with a tremendous sense of relief, threw myself on the bed.

I had repeated the “you’re doing a good job” phrase so many times that my body continued saying it, as if on auto-pilot.

But suddenly, the phrase took on a much different meaning.

You’re doing a good job was now being said from a higher dimension entity… and it wasn’t referring to chocolate clean-up.

With all the challenges of a move, a new country & language, a beautiful company shuttered, and a wonderful romantic relationship ending… something above was talking to me.

The emotions were overwhelming. I began crying uncontrollably.

I’m tearing up again as I write this.

LSD + MM = ?

The combo became a 3rd "thing" but had the raw power of a full dose. In other words, it had the intensity of a 3.5g mushroom trip or a 300 mike LSD dose.

It was a beautiful combination.

The mushrooms made the experience more calm, less digital.

The LSD seemed to make the experience more stable, less wavy, and added more physics-ish scientific insights.

Magic mushrooms are often marked by a sense of love, playfulness, and connectedness... while LSD can have an extra dose of seriousness to it. The middle ground was novel and left me with the sensation that these compounds like to be human’d.

In other words, we enjoy tripping on them, but they enjoy being manifested in a subjective human form for a few hours.

As if there is, in fact, a spirit or sentience to these compounds.

“Meaning” is like quantum physics

Quantum particles can inexplicably pop-up out of nowhere.

Where there was presumably nothing, now there is something.

“Meaning” that we seek in our lives behaves the same way.

An event, a behavior, a person… can go from seemingly meaningless to deeply meaningful in a split second.

The inverted-waterfall attraction-paradox

I saw, felt, a glimpse of Source.

Imagine a large and powerful waterfall.

Now image the waterfall inverts into itself, like when Leonardo DiCaprio bent the city in Inception.

The waterfall both feeds and eats itself.

It’s a constant paradox of attraction, pulling and pushing at the same time.

The waterfall has an indescribable size. And yet, it has mist… little droplets that escape for a while before eventually being pulled back in.

That mist is you and me, planets and galaxies, universes and entire realities.

It felt like a reminder that by simply living, hanging in there, and being conscious, you are part of Source and helping to keep reality alive and expanding.

Free will or predetermined?

While on the topic of impossible-to-prove Rick-Sanchez-style-mad-scientist-claims: there was a peculiar moment in the trip.

It was a strange sensation of paradoxical consciousness resonance. Of existing squarely in the moment, but also seeing myself separately.

It felt like I was at the razor’s edge of where free will and determinism meet.

On one hand, I was the creator and knew all, had seen all, knew what to expect… but on the other hand I witnessed my consciousness in a state of superposition where this creator couldn’t possibly know or predict the next thing.

Somehow both viewpoints were accurate and it manifested in a spiraling loop where both views couldn’t be true at the same time, but somehow were.


I felt a sense that the collective racial and gender outrage has gone far enough. It’s time for the pendulum to swing back and for us, all of us, to stop fighting about gender and race, and move forward together. We are all one.

Final thoughts

It was an incredibly beautiful and novel experience. I’m still grappling with the revelations around meaning and Source.

The combination of two very powerful compounds left me more intrigued about a future with “psychedelic precision medicine.” In other words, treatment made specifically for you.

A combination of 23andMe genetics, plus psychological analysis, plus a curated stack of compounds e.g. for “Bobby” on his 7th journey, the right mix is 2 parts psilocybin, 1 part ketamine, and 1 part cannabis.


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