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Part 2: turning covid lemons into lemonade

The crisis continues so we’re re-upping on a previous post with 5 more positive takeaways:

  1. A focus on mental health. It’s been a taboo topic for a long time, to our detriment. As people grapple with profound isolation and uncertainty, we now see how important MH is to our overall health

  2. A practice swing at Universal Basic Income (UBI). The stimulus package is a t-ball cut for when tech replaces many jobs and UBI is needed

  3. Forced re-invention. Layoffs hurt, but they force people and companies to think about what type of work they should really be doing

  4. A clear view of how much our healthcare system needs technology and disruption

  5. Creativity with entertainment. Stir-crazy adults are acting like kids with online competitions, dancing and overall goofiness

The “Textpert Teaser” series of blog posts is designed to give quick insights, opinions and advice related to A.I., tech, mental health and productivity (125 word max)


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