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#011 Sa'ad Shah: finding your purpose with psychedelics

We talk with Sa'ad Shah, Managing Partner and cofounder of the Noetic Fund, about becoming grounded, finding purpose, and the transfer of knowledge vs wisdom. We discuss the profound personal psychedelic experience, pandemic silver linings, and deep ineffable communication from years of marriage.




— THE NUGGET: the DEA increases research limits by 5000% (0:43)

— THE NOODLE: Psychedelic dispensaries (1:31)

— Deciding to launch a psychedelic VC fund (2:30)

— A big silver lining with COVID and "enforced Vipassana" (3:55)

— Psychedelics helping to find purpose (5:45)

— Twin flames and Sa'ad's Stan Grof interview bringing him to tears (8:30)

— Illness vs wellness; dental floss and "mental" floss (13:08)

— Psychedelics to feel better, more grounded, and dissolve fears (16:17)

— Psychedelics: the most profound subjective personal experience (21:32)

— Annihilation of the fear of death... and non-duality (22:55)

— SOUL SEARCH: Sa'ad's question for God, and a San Pedro callout (28:34)

— SLAP and a CLAP: the FDA and Compass Pathways (29:55)

Sa'ad Shah

Sa’ad Shah is the co-founder and managing partner of Noetic, a venture capital firm that seeks to invest in emerging and early-stage psychedelic-based wellness, therapeutic and pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Sa’ad has spent the last 22 years in capital markets and asset management industry with a

focus on alternative investment strategies. Prior to co-founding Noetic, Sa’ad was a managing director at The Carlyle Group.

Sa’ad is also the co-founder and managing partner at Grey House Partners, venture partner at Alpha Partners, an affiliate partner at Lindsay Goldberg LLC and a venture advisor to Learn Capital LLC.

He is also a filmmaker, scriptwriter and producer, and a board member of The Necessary Angel Theatre in Toronto and Council of Advisors for The Wende Museum in Los Angeles.

Sa’ad graduated with a BA Economics and Political Science from Columbia University. Sa’ad is the proud father of two daughters, and lives in Toronto.

Find Sa'ad here:

See the inspiration behind the Psychedelic Diaries here.

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