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PODCAST #012 Madison Margolin: removing the lens of anxiety


We talk with Madison Margolin, cofounder and editorial director of DoubleBlind, about psychedelics-as-a-muse and experiencing "complete presence." We discuss her profound mystical experiences, feeling the concept of God, and DoubleBlind's new microdosing course.




— THE NUGGET: Detroit to vote on psychedelic decriminalization (0:45)

— THE NOODLE: what would full legalization look like? (1:13)

— Deciding to teach people to grow magic mushrooms (2:27)

— What a world with widespread intentional psychedelic use looks like (6:20)

— 3 of Madison's profound mystical experiences, and "complete presence" (10:15)

— Stripping anxiety away from the lens of your consciousness (14:06)

— SOUL SEARCH: a message from future-Madison and her favorite mind altering substance (18:46)

— SLAP and a CLAP: California legislators and Decriminalize Nature (21:57)

Madison Margolin

Madison Margolin is the co-founder and editorial director of DoubleBlind, a media company and education platform at the forefront of the rapidly growing psychedelic movement.

As a working journalist based between New York and Los Angeles, Margolin has covered psychedelics, cannabis, drug policy, Jewish culture, and spirituality for a variety of publications including Playboy Magazine, Rolling Stone, Nylon, VICE, LA Weekly, High Times, Tablet, and others.

A graduate of Columbia Journalism School and UC Berkeley, Margolin has traveled everywhere from pot farms in the Emerald Triangle to the shores of the Ganges River, and all over Israel-Palestine, exploring the role of plant medicine in religion, mental health, and conflict resolution.

She got her start in journalism with a column on cannabis at the Village Voice, after having lived in south Tel Aviv working with Eritrean refugees.

With more than 6 years of experience covering cannabis and psychedelics, Madison has spoken on topics like social equity, cannabis feminism, and drug journalism at conferences like SXSW, Horizons: Perspectives in Psychedelics, Digital Hollywood, the Association of Alternative New Media, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, Pepperdine's Cannabis Law Symposium, and more.

Find Madison here:

See the inspiration behind the Psychedelic Diaries here.


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