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PODCAST #013 Dr. Glenn Hartelius: shifting attention to your full consciousness


We talk with Dr. Glenn Hartelius — award-winning author, professor, and researcher — about attention strategies, and how psychedelics impacted his depression and migraines.

We discuss a breathing exercise that improves sports performance and shifting consciousness to the felt-sense of the body




— NUGGET and a NOODLE: Feds fund fungi for first time in 50 years (0:51)

— Psychology of the felt-sense of the body (4:40)

— Opening the control panel of your body and changing the state of your consciousness (6:18)

— Information is not just about thoughts, it's also the body (9:42)

— Glenn's experience with Ketamine addressing depression (11:38)

— Glenn's breathing exercise for precision sports performance (16:28)

— Psychedelics curing Glenn's migraines (23:52)

— SOUL SEARCH: favorite book and top mind altering substance (24:53)

— SLAP and a CLAP: Field Trip and TheraPsil (27:37)

Dr. Glenn Hartelius

Glenn Hartelius is an award-winning scholar and researcher who has developed precise, step-by-step processes for accessing and using states of consciousness to cultivate exceptional human skills in leadership and performance—including how to use command presence, how to inspire, develop rapport with others, hold the attention of an audience, sustain focus, and access motivation and out of the box thinking.

On the personal level, these skills help in developing quiet inner calm and authentic emotional and physical intimacy. This work is backed up with scientific research in the neuroscience and phenomenology of mindfulness, flow, and other exceptional states.

As co-author of The Ketamine Papers and other ongoing research, Glenn is participating in the current revival of scientific interest in this legal and promising psychedelic antidepressant.

His motivation in advancing the study of ketamine therapy is based on how quickly and effectively it can relieve symptoms of depression—often in just a few hours. He also works with FireflyVR as a content expert developing virtual reality education products to help individuals prepare themselves for ketamine therapy.

As Main Editor of the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, a peer-reviewed scientific journal that focuses on whole person approaches to psychology and wellness, Glenn has brought this publication from fewer than 25 subscribers to almost 100,000 article downloads per year by nearly 50,000 total users.

As former professor and founding chair of a PhD program in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology, he attracted more than 100 doctoral students to his doctoral program in just four years.

As co-editor of The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology, Glenn has played a key role in the revival of transpersonal psychology, and in identifying and cultivating a second wave of the field based on embodiment, social embeddedness, diversity, and transformation.

Psychology focuses on how individuals think and act, but Glenn is dedicated to bringing forward ways of addressing the whole person—a whole person psychology that includes intuition, inspirations, the body’s felt sense, and aspirations to access deeper parts of oneself.

In leadership, these areas can make the difference between a good leader and a great leader; in everyday life, they can make the difference between surviving and thriving.

Glenn is transitioning out of the university setting to spend more time doing scientific research and to give more room to his small boutique coaching practice where he teaches and applies the attentional skills he has developed. The skills that Glenn teaches are based in bottom-up emergence of one’s own unique capacities and creativity—one that complements more conventional approaches to management of feelings and behavior.

As such, working with Glenn is an entry onto a path that opens toward more integrated ways of bringing one’s whole self to every area of life. Some of his clients gain new skills and insights over a period of months; others find his approach fruitful enough to stay with Glenn as their counsellor and wise guide for decades.

Find Glenn here:

See the inspiration behind the Psychedelic Diaries here.


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