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PODCAST #015 Peter Reitano: Feeling profound awe on psychedelics

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Peter Reitano — founder and CEO of Gwella Mushroom — about profound awe, psychedelics as a mirror, and their non-psychedelic microdosing Mojo gummies.

Peter discusses lessons we can learn from cannabis legalization, being a victim of your own bullying, and psychedelics as a tool for secular spirituality.




— NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Seattle decriminalizes magic mushrooms; psychedelic "training wheels" program (0:36)

— Mojo and non-psychedelic microdosing (2:15)

— How to achieve legal psychedelic access for the healthy (5:12)

— Lesson from cannabis to apply in psychedelics (10:00)

— 3 highlights from Peter's psychedelic journey (17:27)

— Profound experiences: blue ultralight beam & atom paradoxes (24:59)

— SOUL SEARCH: a current challenge for Peter (32:21)

Peter Reitano

Peter is an award winning entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in building and advising some of the world's top brands.

He's a passionate advocate for cognitive liberty and the right of every human to experiment with their own consciousness. Because of that, he's been at the forefront of emerging industries like cannabis and psychedelics.

His latest venture draws on his love of all things mushrooms and his personal psychonautic experiences; Gwella is a brand house and life sciences company on a mission to make psychedelics more accessible and help people use them safely and effectively.

Find Peter here:

See the inspiration behind the Psychedelic Diaries here.


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