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PODCAST #019 Adam Bramlage: the beauty of the flow state

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Adam Bramlage — CEO and founder of Flow State Micro — about being guided by the plants, personal mushroom stacks, and the "Ebenezer Scrooge" time-travel experience.




— NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Pennsylvania legalization efforts; plant parties for socializing (0:38)

— we've been lied to (2:20)

— guided by the plant intelligence (5:20)

— the weekly mushroom stack (8:39)

— getting into the flow state (13:39)

his frequency for large dose journeys (15:25)

— creative breakthroughs on psychedelics (21:05)

— the "Scrooge time-travel" experience (26:45)

— SOUL SEARCH: are we in a simulation? (31:08)

Adam Bramlage

He is Founder and CEO of Flow State Micro, where he works one-on-one with clients to optimize their microdosing experience.

He’s helped hundreds of people, from professional athletes to people suffering from depression, achieve results through microdosing in his private practice.

He also works daily as an educator alongside psychedelic researcher and pioneer Dr. James Fadiman. Bramlage spent more than a decade as an advocate, farmer, distributor and manufacturer in the California legal cannabis space. He pivoted into psychedelics after successfully using microdosing to cure his own treatment-resistant depression.

Find Adam here:

Instagram: @flowstatemicro



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