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#020 Peter van der Heyden: synchronicity and psychedelic manufacturing

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Peter van der Heyden — Chief Science Officer of Psygen — about the paradoxical depths of the "now," life-changing experiences on psychedelics, and manufacturing pharmaceutical grade psychedelic compounds.




— NUGGET AND A NOODLE: decriminalized mushrooms in DC; squeaky wheel or walk softly? (0:28)

— our ephemeral existence makes it precious (5:39)

— synchronicities and life changing ideas (10:00)

— hardest part of large dose sessions (16:02)

— message to those on the fence about psychedelics (26:02)

— Peter's excitement around psychedelic manufacturing (31:55)

— which is harder to manufacture: LSD or Psilocybin? (38:45)

— SOUL SEARCH: experiencing the life of Leonardo da Vinci (43:34)

Peter van der Heyden

Peter van der Heyden’s research is focused on the chemistry, synthesis, and luminescent properties of lysergamides and tryptamines and their potential therapeutic applications.

He is actively engaged in cGMP manufacture of several classical psychedelics for use in a wide range of clinical trials, and in biotechnological research that may lead to novel ways of assembling psychedelic drug molecules.

His hands-on skills and detailed technical knowledge applicable to commercial scale, high-purity medicinal chemistry were acquired over several years of managing operations in a large manufacturing facility. Peter is a former Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta.

He has worked for 18 years in the pharmaceutical sector as founder and CEO of a private bioanalytical company.

Find Peter here:



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