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#026 Chad Conner: a consciousness "download"

Psychedelic Diaries episode summary:

We talk with Chad Conner — CEO and cofounder of Mycrodose Therapeutics — about obtaining DEA licenses, opening up the spiritual dimension, and when your consciousness realizes what's possible.




— NUGGET AND A NOODLE: Port Townsend, Washington has decriminalized psychedelics. The joy of living in a world experiencing an amazing psychedelic renaissance (0:36)

How Mycrodose obtained a Schedule I DEA license to research four psychedelic compounds (2:54)

Mycrodose's unique approach to mental health research (7:13)

Why Chad enjoys working in the psychedelic industry (9:31)

The secret behind his successful business relationship with Patrick Eckstrom and Frank Kochinke (11:34)

The importance of Pharmaceutical development to the growth of psychedelics (17:30)

Chad’s introduction to psychedelics (18:30)

Chad shares a profound psychedelic experience (24:33)

— Mycrodose's upcoming joint-venture agreement (26:45)

— SOUL SEARCH: What is the mind-altering substance you would go with if you are stuck in a desert island for 10 years... (28:21)

Chad Conner

Chad Conner is 20 year entrepreneurial veteran in cannabis wellness, holistic medicine, education, pharmaceutical, advanced drug delivery, and integrative health treatment clinics. He founded and had a successful exit of a cannabis company specializing in advanced drug delivery with an emphasis on transdermal technologies..

Find Chad here:


Watch the episode now:

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