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PODCAST #007 Adam Deffett interview: psychedelics needs more lab coats, less guns

We talk with Adam Deffett, CEO of Ketamine One, about their plans for psychedelic research, and how VR and wearables will play a role. Plus thoughts on the changing perspective of psychedelics & mental health.




— THE NUGGET: Beckley Psytech's $80M raise (0:38)

— THE NOODLE: time to triage the various psychedelic patients (1:07)

— Why Ketamine One chose VR and wearables (2:26)

— Why Adam left capital markets to go all-in on psychedelics (6:38)

— Adam as the drug czar: less guns and more lab coats (13:31)

— Surprise: the variety of opinions in psychedelic medicine (10:00)

— SOUL SEARCH: a mystical experience with... Charles Barkley? (19:10)

— CLAP AND A SLAP: Pear therapeutics & the Psychedelic Spotlight (26:59)

Adam Deffett

Adam Deffett is a senior capital markets professional with over 15 years of experience in the Canadian equity markets.

Adam began his career at RBC Capital Markets and has held senior positions in both sales and trading at various Canadian banks and independent dealers, most recently as Managing Director and Head of Institutional Sales at Laurentian Bank.

He has extensive experience in capital raising, shareholder communication and capital markets strategy. In 2019 Adam transitioned into working with companies directly as an executive focused on corporate development, strategy and capital markets.

Mr. Deffett graduated with a Bachelors of Commerce from the University of Calgary and is a CFA Charterholder.

Find Adam here:

See the inspiration behind the Psychedelic Diaries here.

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