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PODCAST #004 Dr. Randy Scharlach interview: psychedelics cured depression

We talk with Dr. Randy Scharlach, Medical Director and Advisor at Field Trip Health, about treating his patients with ketamine, and his personal experience with depression and psychedelic medicine.



— The Nugget: NIH director and psychedelics ( 0:35 )

— Psychedelic medicine cured Randy’s depression ( 2:55 )

— The power of psilocybin for healthy individuals ( 3:55 )

— Ketamine as psychedelic "training wheels" ( 6:45 )

— A transfer a knowledge from the universe ( 8:45 )

— Balancing the "woo woo" with the science ( 9:02 )

— The rainbow ohm existence ( 10:50 )

— Separation from "identity of Randy" to instead a consciousness that’s experiencing the Randy life ( 14:20 )

— The role of psychedelics and meditation in saving humanity ( 18: 20 )

— The right frequency of full dose sessions ( 18:59 )

— Should we change the name and rebrand? ( 21:32 )

— The Noodle: precision medicine and psychedelic guiding ( 28:44 )

Dr. Randy Scharlach

Dr. Randy Scharlach is a graduate of UCLA Medical School and the Yale University Department of Therapeutic Radiology.

Dr. Scharlach’s approach to healing draws from both Eastern and Western Traditions.

Certified as a psychedelic therapist by the California Institute of Integral Studies, Randy’s expertise is guiding clients towards emotional wellness by learning the nature of the Self.

Find Randy here:

See the inspiration behind the Psychedelic Diaries here.


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