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PODCAST #006 Erin Cochrane interview: psilocybin & falling in love with the world again

We talk with Erin Cochrane, Founder and Head of Product at Gwella Mushroom, about her mystical experience with psilocybin, reconnecting with deceased family, and Gwella's belief in our right to explore our existence.




— THE NUGGET: psychedelic companies on NASDAQ and NY Stock Exchange (0:42)

— THE NOODLE: time for leadership on how often to macrodose (1:10)

— The right to explore our existence & the divinity in our life (3:42)

— What excites her about the psychedelics industry? (6:35)

— What frustrations in the industry? (8:40)

— Losing family at a young age (13:40)

— Being vulnerable and her relationship with psychedelic medicine (15:40)

— Mystical experience: interacting with a lost family member (18:03)

— A sense of peace washing over you (20:19)

— The challenge to quieting the mind (23:10)

— SOUL SEARCH with Erin: her preferred mind-altering substance (26:05)

— CLAP AND A SLAP: Psygen and Atai Life (30:05)

Erin Cochrane

Erin is a holistic wellness and mycology specialist with education and career experience spanning health sciences, mushroom cultivation, environmental sustainability and various alternative and community-based healing modalities.

She has also spent time abroad across Latin America exploring and studying intentional communities and diverse teachings on spiritual wholeness, ceremony and plant medicines.

She is now applying her experiences as a Co-founder and Director of Product with Gwella Mushrooms and as a Co-founder and facilitator of Healing While Healing support network.

Find Erin here:

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