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PODCAST #008 Marik Hazan interview: 2 paths of the psychedelic renaissance

We talk with Marik Hazan, CEO of Tabula Rasa Ventures, about psychedelics for creativity, and the impact of money on the industry. Plus Marik's take on the good, bad, and the ugly of the psychedelic industry.




— THE NUGGET: California psychedelic legalization update (0:32)

— THE NOODLE: single issue politics — legalize psilocybin (1:03)

— Guiding 10% of the Yale MBA population on psychedelic retreats (3:56)

— Laying healthy foundations for psychedelics (5:55)

— MBA programs at Yale and UCLA supporting entrepreneurship (6:42)

— The value of emotional support for entrepreneurs (9:40)

— Two paths for the psychedelic renaissance (11:35)

— How microdosing could fall into the SSRI trap (14:19)

— Microdosing vs Macrodosing (18:27)

— Meeting God on psychedelics (19:22)

— Psychedelics for creativity, community, and flow state (22:18)

— Shifting consciousness with cannabis (24:04)

— SOUL SEARCH: a mystical experience with... Kanye West? (27:10)

— SLAP and a CLAP: Mindset Pharma & MindMed (31:50)

Marik Hazan

Marik is an engineer and advocate who has worked across “counter culture” industries.

He founded Iliac which built technology for the sex workers’ rights movement. Later he worked with decentralized governance organizations including Aragon and Democracy Earth in the blockchain space.

He led marketing and growth for many of Silicon Valleys top startups including Clearbit, Segment, and Envoy during his time at Bell Curve as their Director of Growth.

Marik helped to develop the Yale School of Management’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and helps run an incubation program for startups in Upstate & Western New York. Marik holds his MBA from the Yale School of Management.

Find Marik here:

Instagram: @psychedstudio

See the inspiration behind the Psychedelic Diaries here.


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