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PODCAST #002 Tim Moore interview: psychedelic legalization & personal experience

We talk with Tim Moore, CEO of Havn Life, about his approach towards running a psychedelic company and their focus on LSD. Plus Tim's thoughts on mental health, legalization, and his experience with psychedelics.




— More progress on California psychedelics legalization (0:29)

— The problem with digital software patents (0:51)

— Tim's leadership tactics that have Havn recognized as a top-10 psychedelic brand (3:05)

— Why Tim’s team chose LSD and cluster headaches, and the FDA orphan drug classification (3:31)

— What surprised Tim: how much rhetoric, and how little actual action (8:05)

— Why Tim wears his heart on his sleeve as a CEO (9:00)

— Tim’s passion for mental health and PTSD (12:45)

— What Tim would do if he was the drug czar (13:05)

— How Tim lost 110 lbs (21:10)

— Speed-Round Soul-Search: a peak into Tim’s soul (22:43)

Tim Moore

He is an MBA, senior executive, board member, team builder, problem solver and hands-on leader who has championed startups, acquisitions and integrations and organic growth with small and large, private and public organizations.

Moore has over 30 years experience in Fortune 500 leadership roles in Canada and USA. He has led organizations ranging from start-up to over $1 billion in size. He has extensive experience in the launch and growth of premium branded products across a broad range of categories.

Moore joined Havn Life in April 2020 as CEO. Havn is building a supply chain of naturally derived psilocybin API’s concurrent with building a nutritional health business using non-restricted compounds.

Find Tim here:


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