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There is another way: our immune system

Quarantine, masks, & testing aren’t a sustainable solution because viruses are constantly evolving.

Books like The Selfish Gene and the Red Queen illustrate how the battle between large organisms and infectious microorganisms is a never-ending arms race that forces evolution of our immune system.

When covid-19 returns, or the next virus with a (debatably) high mortality rate, if we run and hide it only delays the fight. We have to face and fight with one of our greatest tools: our immune system.

The 1968 Hong Kong flu, which was more deadly (100k US deaths) than covid, elicited a response from our government that was essentially: "hey guys, be careful".

If we really insist on a massive government intervention for every new outbreak, there are other options besides quarantines and masks. Here are a few actions the government could take for the specific purpose of bolstering our immune systems during the next outbreak:

Subsidies for healthy habits:

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Outdoor activity (visits to national parks)

  • Health club memberships & fitness classes

  • Mental health treatment, in-person or digital like AiME

Encourage reduction of unhealthy behaviors by increasing taxes on:

  • Tobacco products & alcohol

  • Fast food & junk food

A hard cap on work-hours per week for workers: 45

We can take steps to get our nation healthy enough to fight pandemics at the ground level without devastating our way of life.

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