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Supercharging productivity: crazy like a fox?

“All great things are created between method and madness“


Some abnormal practices, but here’s how I supercharged my productivity:

  1. Do something fun that involves movement for 5 minutes before starting the day

  2. Schedule every hour

  3. Turn off all notifications

  4. Three 1-hour surges before lunch

  5. Have 2 primary projects per day (A and B) and rotate hour-long surges of A and B to let your subconscious work on each

  6. Take 10-15 minute breaks between surges, and do literally nothing

  7. Don’t check email until after lunch

  8. 30 minute nap after lunch

  9. Experiment with different mind states

  10. Every other Friday is off. Not the “four-10s work week” or “nine-9s”... just fucking off

The “Textpert Teaser” series of blog posts is designed to give quick insights, opinions and advice related to A.I., tech, mental health and productivity (~125 words)


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