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PODCAST #001 Dr. Keith Heinzerling interview: psilocybin clinical trials

We talk with Dr. Keith Heinzerling from the Treatment and Research In Psychedelics (TRIP) program at the Pacific Neuroscience Institute about his experience running a psychedelic clinical trial.



Show highlights:

  • psychedelics for creativity

  • what it's like sitting with a patient that's on a psychedelic trip

  • why TRIP chose psilocybin (active ingredient in magic mushrooms) for their clinical trial

  • surprises as he watches patients experience psychedelics

  • viability of "remote trip monitoring" for psychedelics

  • what Dr. Heinzerling would do if he was the "U.S. drug czar"

Dr. Keith Heinzerling

He is a physician board certified in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine. He is the Director of the Treatment & Research in Psychedelics (TRIP) Program at the Pacific Neuroscience Institute in Santa Monica. He is a graduate of the psychedelic therapist training program at the Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research at CIIS in San Francisco.

Find Dr. Heinzerling at

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