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Textpert's fit in the psychedelic renaissance

"Sometimes big changes follow from small events, and sometimes these changes can happen very quickly”

—Malcolm Gladwell

Research is showing psychedelics may be our best tool for mental health, cognitive performance, and purpose.

This is an astounding development.

They’ve been listed for decades on the DEA’s Schedule 1… which means ZERO medical value.

We’re now seeing they have more medical value for mental health than any other medicine. This book explains the fascinating history; a shorter recap is here.

Textpert has been focused on mental health for years, specifically depression, anxiety, and addiction. Those are the same three areas where psychedelics are showing the strongest results.

The Venn diagram overlap is too much to ignore, especially considering my personal experience.

An introspective journey

I engaged in five years of psychedelic-assisted therapy with psilocybin (magic mushrooms). The positive impact on my mental resilience, creativity, and meaning has been profound.

After working with the medicine first-hand, then witnessing the explosion of the psychedelic industry, it became clear a sharpened focus was needed.

I wrote a 10-part mini-series, "The Psychedelic Diaries," to share my experience. I also launched a podcast with the same name.

If you’re interested in mental health or psychedelics, I’ll be posting content once a week.

The goal is to contribute to this Renaissance and make introspection easy.

The strategy is to use Textpert’s A.I. as a “bookend” to document psychedelic-assisted therapy now.

Then, later, bring safe psychedelic use to the masses with an elegant digital product. More on that later.

For now, here's a teaser of my experience with psilocybin:

Volume I of the Psychedelic Diaries: When you journey inward

Like most great stories, this one starts with a girl.

Her name was Melanie and I had a longstanding crush. She had charm, beauty, and a disarming personality.

Unfortunately, she… read more

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