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The sublime sculptures of the Fujian Province, and AiME

"There is nothing more satisfying than creating something nobody has seen or thought of, and watching it succeed”

—Bill Walsh

The Fujian province in China is famous for its stone sculptures. They’re notable because of the expert craftsmanship, but also for a peculiar practice: after a sculpture is constructed it’s placed in one of the many nearby streams and left there... for years.

The gentle water changes the sculpture in subtle but profound ways and then, and only then, the sculpture is ready.

Greatness doesn’t come from days or weeks of work. It comes from months and years.

Over the many years Textpert, and AiME, has changed in subtle but profound ways.

We learned the expert nuances of how to design & develop, plan & adapt, hire & fire, earn & spend.

Seems like COVID will be plucking our feathers for a long time, and our healthcare industry isn’t prepared to address our collective distancing distress.

AiME was built for this moment in history. She’s therapeutic, fun, and easy to use.

She elegantly shows you the state of your mental health and in the process of working together you create a novel resilience diary.

You can’t fake the sublime sculptures of Fujian… and you can’t fake the lessons we’ve learned.

As a result, AiME is ready to emerge from the gentle streams.


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