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Turning covid lemons into lemonade

We’re social beings that depend on close social interaction and physical touch to fortify our mental health and overall health. Seems bleak... but if we look hard enough, there are some silver linings:

  1. Time to really think. It’s easy to stay busy and forget to daydream or get lost in thought. Deep thought, even via daydreaming, will uncover some of your best ideas

  2. This will bring us together. When this passes we’ll come back to normal life with a renewed appreciation for our fellow coworkers, neighbors, friends and family

  3. Adversity builds character. Our entire species is going through a tough time, which means we will eventually emerge stronger, wiser and more resilient

  4. The environment is getting a big break

  5. It's a time to reinvent ourselves and our paths

The Textpert Teaser series of blogs is designed to give quick insights, opinions and advice related to A.I., tech, mental health and productivity (125 word max)


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