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What it's like being on a clinical trial, & other humblebrags

World: *exists*

Textpert employee: hey did I tell you about this cool stuff we’re doing?

We’ve been lucky. Like absurdly, odds-defying, 4-leaf-clover lucky.

A team this small shouldn’t have gotten this far… but we're still kicking 6 years later and had some lovely breaks:

  1. We got AiME's tech into a clinical trial with the superb CBAM team to help addiction research. Being on a clinical trial is different than we expected. Thought it would be like 10th grade science class with labcoats and bunsen burners everywhere, and lots of red tape. We were wrong… in fact, it’s very similar to most business interactions. You work with people over email, occasionally zoom calls, and as an added bonus your partners are usually nice, smart, reasonable people that are working on a cause they know is really fucking cool

  2. Thanks to a glitch we found online, we conducted a 750-person trial for $900 total, wrote a paper about it, and got published in a scientific journal

  3. UCLA gave us grant money and a free office for two years. The office was huuuge, which led to...

  4. Thirty-five charming and electric interns that changed us in beautiful ways we never expected

  5. Zeke and I received $5,000 and $4,000, respectively, in free food delivered from Sunbasket by posting a google ad with our referral links (now an official Textpert employee benny)

  6. Built an app (eponymously named “Textpert”), nurtured a relationship with an incredible brand in LA (JBBBS) then sold them the tech, which has evolved and is still in use

  7. Built an Ai that can watch you speak extemporaneously for 20 seconds and accurately assess your mental health. Hard work of course but the luck factor is undeniable

The “Textpert Teaser” series of blog posts is designed to give quick insights, opinions and advice related to A.I., tech, mental health and productivity (~150 words)


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