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Private coaching

1-on-1 sessions to
master the trip

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Mushroom mastery

A personalized 14-week program covering microdosing and high-dose work

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The Goal: 3 Moments

The trip starts & you feel confidence in your prep work

The sense of joy from completing your deep journey

The moment you clearly see your new path

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Private sessions

Intimate support to build your mushroom practice

14 weeks

Dedicated support and guidance in our Slack channel

7 sessions

Private, confidential, 50-min calls with Raymond

1 plan

Develop a personalized program for you


1. Who is this program designed for?

It's for those seeking personal growth with hands-on support in both microdosing and high-dose mushroom trips.

2. What can I expect to receive in the coaching program?

You get 7 one-on-one 50-minute sessions with Psoirée's founder, Raymond Christian, 14 weeks of dedicated support in our Slack channel, a personalized psychedelic program, and full access to Psoirée's "Bonus benefits" (see below). 

3. How does this program differ from other psychedelic coaching?

Our program blends scientific insights with practical experience to support microdosing, guided work, and solo high-dose experiences.

4. Is prior experience with psychedelics necessary to join?

No, the program is designed for individuals at any stage of their psychedelic journey.

5. Does this include the medicine?

No. However, we'll introduce you to our trusted sources and provide guidance on growing your own mushrooms. 

6. Is this a trip-sitting service?

No. Instead, it's designed to empower you with the knowledge and tactics necessary for independent work. 

7. Can the coaching be customized to my personal needs?

Yes, the program is highly personalized to align with your goals, background, and psychedelic experience.

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Raymond Christian

The "Private coaching" program is led by the founder of Psoirée. "Ray" was the senior author on a peer-reviewed scientific paper, built & sold an iPhone app, and founded a vision-AI neural network model for mental health diagnostics. He has been featured in Mashable, Sirius XM, PC Mag, Huffington Post, and has spoken at numerous events such as Exponential Medicine, Health 2.0, and “Innovation at the A.P.A.” Ray has been working with mushrooms since 2015 and is passionate about their impact on creativity, cognition, and purpose. 

Free bonus benefits

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Ace the solo trip. A 3-part streaming course on tripping alone with high doses


Meet like-minded people in our private Slack. Ask questions and connect with peers

Mushrooms & music

An 8-page guide for building your custom playlist and a breakdown of the 4 stages of the trip

Psilo Psolo guide

A 15-page pdf for solo trips. Includes detailed guidance and the #1 tip for a safe journey

Growing & sourcing

Guidance on sourcing and cultivating mushrooms responsibly

Time for transformation

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Get a free consultation

Book a complimentary call and see if this is right for you

What our customers say

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Noella Downs, LA

With Raymond I felt safe, I felt heard, and the effects on my life have been profound

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Olya Ramsey, London

Raymond's nurturing energy has made my journey feel safe, and beautifully transformative

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3 goals for the 1-on-1 work


Time to start feeling aligned. Start your journey now

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