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Master the big journey

An 8-hour course on consciousness-exploration with Dr. Erica Zelfand

1 Psychedelic Facilitaion — art by
3) Microdosing Psilocybin & LSD  — art by
5) Healing Trauma & Tension With MDMA — art by
2) How Psychedelics Work  — art by
4) The Ketamine Cure   — art by
6) Treating Addiction With Psychedelics — art by
7) The Medicine Beyond Music Meditation Experiential — art by
3 TripTraining viberay_TripTraining_header-min.png

Trip Training


Trip training

Get the training for self exploration and trip sitting

3) Microdosing Psilocybin & LSD  — art by
5) Healing Trauma & Tension With MDMA — art by
2) How Psychedelics Work  — art by

Learn about the science, the history, and tactics

for deep exploration

Psilo Psolo pdf

All members receive a 15 page harm reduction take home guide

The Psilo Psolo guide
Perspective on deep work
Specific guidance for solo work

A step-by-step checklist including: the top 3 tactics for tough trips, and the #1 tip for a satisfying journey

Bonus perks

Exclusive benefits for Psoirée members

Group chats that mimic in-person socializing
Read member breakdowns from their deep journeys
Talk psy trips without stigma

Unlimited access to the "Dojo," the Psoirée Slack, and the
“Trip Notes” newsletter

Start exploring

The Trip Training 8-hour course


Trip Training &  membership

$111 then $21 / quarter

55% off

Trip Training & membership

$111 then $72 / year

55% off

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Elyse Dr Z erica testimonial.jpg

Erica’s presentation inspired and enlightened me so deeply that I decided to make an entire career shift

— Elyse, Durango, CO

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This course is a fantastic way for practitioners to learn about psychedelic-assisted therapy

— Jeff, Vancouver

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Heidi Dr Z erica testimonial.jpg

It was both intellectually exciting and emotionally inspiring

— Heidi, Portland

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Get the full course and 

master the big trip

The compounds

A deep dive into the classic compounds and their impact

The science

Discussion on the impact of small and large doses

Trip sitting

Tactics for guiding others based on psychotherapy


Dr. Erica Zelfand

Family Doctor and course instructor

She is a licensed family doctor specializing in integrative mental health and functional medicine. Dr. Zelfand is a keta prescriber, facilitator of therapeutic consciousness-exploration, acclaimed international speaker, and medical writer. She also trained in empathogen-assisted psychotherapy through MAPS and is a volunteer “trip sitter,” medical lead, and a harm reduction workshop co-facilitator with Zendo.

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Deep work

Want something done right?

Do it yourself

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